Terms and Conditions

1. General

SHOP.VENERA-ARAPU.com- property of Clemat Design SRL – 56  Dacia Blvd. Bucharest-Romania J40/130/2013 , fiscal identification: RO31063661 Phone: +40-31-412 4731, office@venera-arapu.com.ro (hereinafter called "shop.venera-arapu.com" or "we" or “us”) runs an online shop under the internet address www.VENERA-ARAPU.com (hereinafter called "website"). All orders placed by you via the website and our deliveries and services are exclusively subject to the following general terms and conditions, in the version that is valid at the time of the order. We do not accept conflicting terms and conditions of the customer unless we have agreed to their validity in writing.


2. Right to return

You may return merchandise that you have received without indicating any reasons within 15 days by sending the merchandise back. The time limit starts running one day after the day on which you have received the merchandise and instructions about the right to return enclosed separately in writing. Only in cases of merchandise that can not be shipped (e.g. in cases of bulky merchandise) you may exercise your right to return through a written request (e.g. by letter or e-mail). Returns will be accepted for consideration only when we receive them in the given time limit which means that you must ship it out on time. Return shipments will be at your cost and risk. You need to address the return shipment or the request to Clemat Design SRL, 56  Dacia Blvd, Sector. 1, Bucharest, Romania.

Consequences of Return
In case of a valid return, the mutually received benefits are to be returned and eventually drawn profits (e.g. profits drawn from the use of the merchandise) are to be returned. In case that the merchandise has deteriorated, a compensation regarding the value may be claimed. This does not apply in case where the deterioration of the merchandise exclusively results from its inspection as it would have been possible for you in a shop. You also can avoid the obligation to compensate the value by not using the merchandise as if you owned it and by refraining from acts that might affect its value. You will find all documents helpful in connection with the return of the merchandise - together with the delivery note - in your shipment.

Please note that returns can only be accepted from the original shipping country.

All costs will be charged to your card or bank account. In case of a return, the card or bank will be credited. Please note however that any losses incurred due to changes in the exchange rate will not be credited. If you have questions concerning your right to return the merchandise, please send an email to us at office@venera-arapu.com.ro


3. Important notes

3.1. The merchandise offered under SHOP.VENERA-ARAPU.com is presented on the Website in the format of digital photographs of existing merchandise. Minor divergences of the photographs from reality do not constitute a defect of the ordered merchandise

3.2. SHOP.VENERA-ARAPU.com is entitled to perform partial deliveries.


4. Conclusion of contract

4.1. The contract between you and SHOP.VENERA-ARAPU.com is not entered into until we send the ordered merchandise to you. By sending the order form provided on our website to us you make a binding offer to enter into the contract. You finalize the order by entering all information during the order process and sending the order form to us by clicking on the "submit order" button.

4.2. SHOP.VENERA-ARAPU.com is entitled to reject orders without indicating any reasons, in particular if there is well-founded suspicion that the merchandise purchased via the internet is to be sold to third parties commercially.


5. Saving of Contract

We save your order data. If you wish to receive a print-out of your order, you can print out an "order confirmation". This order confirmation will appear on your screen once you have completed the process by clicking on "submit order" and once your credit card data have been successfully checked. Furthermore, you receive the order confirmation with all given data by email which may be printed out as well.


6. Delivery and Shipping

6.1. We ship exclusively with UPS and FAN COURIER (only for Romania). SHOP.VENERA-ARAPU.com bears the transportation risk. We ship internationally to over 50 countries.

6.2. Some articles are not available on immediate stock; they are custom made individually for each of our online customers. That’s why it takes 5-15 working days for us to create them in our atelier. Please add 1-3 days for shipping and estimate your shipping date according to this information.

6.3. Customers in non-EU countries

The delivery period to countries that impose customs duty is 2 to 4 business days. Please note that we bear the costs for the insurance of the merchandise and any costs for supplementary documents. Product prices are exclusive of all taxes and duties, as well as Romanian VAT. Please note that custom taxes, duties and handling fees for each individual country will be applied and invoiced separately through UPS. For details regarding arising taxes and duties for your country, please contact us at office@venera-arapu.com.ro. Please note that potential foreign bank charges have to be borne by you.

6.4. Shipping Rates

Some large volume products may imply additional shipping rates, which you'll be notified about during the ordering process.


For more information, assistance, notifications, and complaints send us an email at office@venera-arapu.com.ro